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What is HMSWeb?

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HMSWeb (Handover Management System) is the IT solution developed by Forship Engenharia S/A for the complete management of industrial units commissioning process. Light, simple and proven effective, meets from large and complex capex projects to small projects, including operational improvements in existing units. HMSWeb facilitates the management, control, certification and verification of all activities related to quality control, mechanical completion, commissioning, assisted operation and ramp-up performed during the development of a project.

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  HMSWeb provides information and generates reports on:
Project scope Operational procedures Reference documents Programming and performance
of the activities
Recording (check lists) and certification
(approvals) of the activities
  Punch list management
Physical progress & S-Curves
Preservation control Time sheet management Productivity indicators
Some of the most important features are:

Management methodology Based on a solid methodological approach, this standardization-oriented tool includes a strong management and supervision component and allows productivity monitoring of work performed during the engineering phases as well as work done in the field.

Comprehensive data repository Provides a structured compilation of all engineering data, drawing information, reference documents, etc. for all systems, subsystems, skids, loops, equipment, and items on a given module of a whole platform or industrial unit.

“Real time”,
Internet-based tool
Online and simultaneous access, controlled by the commissioning professionals, module builders, Owner and/or EPC representatives, at different offices and work sites worldwide.

"Plan the work
- work the plan"
Work plans are generated using the HMSWeb. Progress is daily recorded and remains available for all interested parties to view.

Punch list management A powerful tool to ensure punch list management, helping to deliver the right material and resources to the right place at the right time.

Management of preservation activities

Accurate control of all activities required to ensure adequate preservation of each type of device or equipment, which includes the scheduling and recording of activities, as well as a historic reference.

Flexibility Offers a wide range of customization features, allowing easy adaptation of the system functions and interface to define the scope, characteristics and terminology of each project individually.

Friendly-use interface Straightforward and quick to set up and start working.

Management overview Provides productivity indicators according to field activity, engineering phase, project and team, as well as management monitoring and control on a real-time basis.

Reports Management reports and queries can be easily customized through a powerful report generator.

Easy integration Import and export resources that allow data exchange with other engineering systems, as well as compliance with the ALM (Asset Lifecycle Management) concept, considering the commissioning phase as one of the asset lifecycle phases integrated to previous processes (FEED, Construction and Assembly) and further (Operation and Maintenance) up to decommissioning.

Controlled access Record (write) and read access rights granted to the users ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

"Real-time" Monitoring of the Activities

HMSWeb allows all parties involved in the construction, assembly and operation of a given project to follow the progress of all levels (using a physical, systematic or documental hierarchy), including: Modules, packages and skids, Systems and subsystems, Electrical, instrumentation and piping loops, Commissionable items, Commissioning procedures and activity plans.

Physical, Systemic and Documental Hierarchies

Depending on the project phase, the commissioning work must be planned and tracked according to different work breakdown structures. HMSWeb is designed so that all project activities are simultaneously associated to its physical and systematic hierarchies.

Physical Hierarchy: Modules Packages Skids Circuits Items (equipment and instruments)

System Hierarchy: Systems Subsystems Loops
HMSWeb is also used to control the activities related to project documentation, from preparation, progress and revision to formal issue of documents, such as:

Documental Hierarchy: Procedures Design drawings Manuals Other project documents

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