• Mobile and online commissioning

    Complete commissioning management

    Light, simple and proven effective, it applies to a very broad range of undertakings, from the very large and complex projects to very small ones, including operational improvements in existing units.

  • Preservation

    Complete preservation management

    Full control of preservation tasks during all phases of the unit construction, ensuring that the equipment is in perfect working condition for the startup.

  • Punch List

    Complete management of pending issues

    Consistency and integration in the control of all punch list items, recorded and monitored in real time, directly in the field, from opening to closing.

  • Commissioning Analytics

    Data transformed into insigths

    Commissioning database analysis based on over 300 projects already executed in the most varied industries and types of undertakings, allows teams to gain insight into critical points, improvements and new ways to solve old problems.





Triunfo - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil




Canaã dos Carajás, Pará

A year of great achievements

Rio de Janeiro, July 14th, 2021 - New contracts and ongoing projects consolidate HMSWeb's milestones HMSWeb won four new contracts for its portfolio, confirming the expectations regarding the return of activities in the markets in which it actuates. In addition to the ongoing contracts, the company reaches a milestone of 40 active projects with 13 clients and expects a record revenue. MINING: CAPTIVE MARKET Three of the new contracts, covering licensing and implementation and support services, are related to the mining area: two with Vale, covering VALS11DM10 and VALGELADO projects, in the S11D Eliezer Batista Complex, and one with TSA Engenharia (TSAMUSA1 project), regarding Mineração Usiminas (MUSA). Once more HMSWeb take part in projects at S11D, the largest mining complex in Vale's history. The VALGELADO refers to the Gelado program, which provides the recovery of 10 million tons per year of iron ore from tailing dams. It covers a plant of magnetic concentration and recovery of iron ore arising from dams, in addition to the construction of Apinha road, which aims to improve the urban mobility in Parauapebas (PA), where the complex is located. The VALS11DM10 project aims to expand in more 10 Mtpa (million tons of iron ore per year) the production capacity of the complex, which today corresponds to 90Mtpa. “With regard to Vale, with which we developed a vibrant relationship for over a decade, we are expecting, at least, 10 new projects in the next months, continually reinforcing the importance of HMSWeb in the management of its projects commissioning”, says the CEO for HMSWeb Information Technology, Luciano Gaete. With TSA, the software is being licensed for the commissioning project of Dry Stacking of Mineração Usiminas. It is a new system of filtered tailing disposal which will allow Musa to end the cycle of using dams for the disposal of tailings generated in the iron ore processing. REINFORCED POSITION IN THE AGRIBUSINESS The fourth contract won by HMSWeb is in agribusiness area: The CRLTEGNET project, related to the expansion and modernization (Revamp) of the Terminal Exportador do Guarujá (TEG - Guarujá Exporter Terminal), one of the three terminals operated by Cargill in Baixada Santista, in the area that has the largest port complex of the country. The contract scope is the licensing of HMSWeb, a tool that is well-known by the contracting party team. “These four new projects, in addition to the others we executed this year, demonstrate that our strategy is correct. We expect to double the revenue in relation to the previous year, reaching the highest result of HMSWeb history”, assesses Gaete, highlighting other milestones that placed the company in a prominent position in the market in which it actuates. “From January to September, we celebrated 20 contracts with long-term clients, as Vale and Techint, and with new partners. We currently have 40 active projects with 13 clients, which represent another milestone”, calculates the executive. “We consolidate our presence in new markets, as Paper and Cellulose industry, and we reinforce our position along with the clients. All this, added to the excellent commercial perspectives under development, certainly make us very optimistic and confident in the future of HMSWeb and Forship Group”, he concludes.

Taking care of your health when working from home

Rio de Janeiro, June 22nd, 2021 - Covid-19 pandemic caught everyone by surprise. Suddenly, people were forced to adapt to new work models in order to reduce the spreading risk of the disease. “Due to that sudden change, the adjustment process of this so called new normal was accelerated, inevitably generating other problems, since working from home was not very conducted”, observes Jéssica Ximenes, AQS (Quality, Safety and Environment Advisory Service) coordinator.      She mention that such fact, along with the pressure caused by the pandemic, has made an even higher impact on people, making them insecure about keeping their jobs and reducing their incomes, for instance. In this context, Forship has made immeasurable effort to ensure its employees’ wellbeing, especially regarding to mental health.      “Besides campaigns with initiatives and tips, the employee started to count on medical and psychological remote consultations by app. A primary service has been ensured in order to help them to maintain their wellbeing. Get to know some of them to preserve your mental health Avoid the excess of information about the impacts caused by Coronavirus, which may be harmful and generate anguish and anxiety. Fake and sensationalist news may increase fear, eventually causing panic and depression. Take pauses: a way to avoid exhaustion, mental depletion, failures and accidents is having breaks in long work periods. Social contact: use technology to be in touch with coworkers, friends and family members.      Besides, another important fact to ensure the employee’s wellbeing is his/her physical conditioning. Some actions can be taken in the domestic environment that can help not only the physical condition, but also mental. Posture: always try to adopt proper posture and furniture. Exercises: in order to handle with the work routine, the body must be healthy and with strengthened and stretched muscles. Avoid sedentary lifestyle is an important step to ensure health and a better quality of life inside and outside the work environment. Stretches: stretches can be done any time of the day, sitting or standing. They are also very easy to do, they help to relax the muscles and relief lumbar pain and in other body parts.   Following these tips, you will fight against some ills caused by the pandemic, contributing to your mental health and also for your work productivity.  

Forship acts in another Vale’s emblematic project

Rio de Janeiro, June 08th, 2021 - We are going to manage the commissioning of the tailing filtering plant from the second biggest iron ore mine of the country Forship is going to provide services of management, administration and execution of commissioning activities and support to performance tests for projects implemented by Vale at Brucutu mine (MG), the second biggest of the country, with reserves estimated in more than 650 million tons and capacity to produce around 30 million tons of iron ore.  “It is the Sewage Filtration Project PDR Pit Shell - Brucutu, which consists in a tailing filtering plant of iron ore arising from the Brucutu beneficiation plant. The filtering plant will process the waste from the beneficiation plant in order to carry it out in piles, in order to eliminate the destination of the tailing pulp to the tailings dams. “The scope is similar to other projects in partnership with VALE, become distinguished due to the features of the plant”, observes the project director, Marco Kronemberger. “We are going to participate in the deployment of this technology to treat dry waste in piles, which is a challenge for the team devoted on the project”, added. Placing his bets in another successful project, Kronemberger’s expectations is a new increase of partnerships with VALE. “It is a part of our strategic planning for 2021 / 2025 to expand the service supplying to VALE, a strong client of Grupo Forship”, he concludes.

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