A Mine of Opportunities

Rio de Janeiro, August 1st, 2018 - HMSWeb wins the first contract with the German industry group thyssenkrupp and increases its performance within the mining sector with new projects and traditional partners, such as Vale, with which it acts since 2011. The Handover Management System (HMSWeb©) software, along with its mobile component, the HMSMobile© application, positions itself as one of the more flexible tools in the market; it works for different enterprises, from the transposition of the São Francisco River to the commissioning of large industrial plants in the most diverse markets. It was also chosen by the German industry group thyssenkrupp to support a project in the mining sector. “This achievement consolidates and enhances our participation in this market, where we have been acting from the beginning of the decade: we started a partnership with Vale S.A. in 2011, and today HMSWeb is a mandatory solution in all its projects around the world. As a matter of fact, it has been used in several enterprises in America and Africa,” highlights Luciano Gaete, the CEO of HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação. In addition to Vale, HMSWeb, as well as Forship, acted in the projects of several mining companies, such as Mineração Rio Norte, Ferrous Ressources do Brasil, Anglo American and Samarco. Project might be expanded Since February and with a duration of six months, the services performed include the licensing and implementation, setting and training of Information Technology (IT) solutions created by HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação Ltda., a company belonging to the Forship Group. The contract covers the licensing of the HMSWeb and implementation, training and support services. However, if there was any interest from the parent company, activities might be expanded, including Forship’s engineering services. “The client’s direction sees the need to invest in better practices and management platforms for the commissioning process. With the perspective of using our solution in other projects, new opportunities to extend this partnership may present themselves,” says Luciano Gaete.

Forship carries out the adequacy of P-68 FPSO to NR-10

Rio de Janeiro, May 16, 2018 - Jurong Shipyard contracts consulting services and elaboration of Electrical Units Records (PIE) for the pre-salt platform Through Forship Asia, the Forship Group has won a new contract of the Juron Shipyard,of the SembCorp Marine Group, from Singapore. Since February, Forship has been providing services for the P-68 FPSO, a unit allocated at the Jurong Aracruz Shipyard, in Aracruz (ES). It will produce in the Berbigão field, in the Santos basin pre-salt, operated by Petrobras (42.5%), alongside Shell (25%), Total (22.5%) and Petrogal (10%).  The activities scope includes consulting for compliance to NR-10, Brazilian Regulatory Standard, which aims to ensure the safety and health of workers that interact with electricity facilities and services, and the elaboration of Electrical Units Records (PIE). “It is a strategic contract, as it helps consolidate us as a benchmark in adequacy to NR-10,” says Forship Group Project manager, José Roberto Gonçalves. One of the challenges of the contract is to define a PIE assembly standard, a set of documents required by NR-10. “We will use HMSWeb to create a working model that will also be used in future projects,” explains José Roberto. Another important aspect highlighted by the manager is the volume of services. “Forship has prepared an experienced shipbuilding and offshore construction team for this task. In addition, we have our expertise as support, since we have already performed similar services for other clients, such as P-66, in the Lula field, in the Campos Basin pre-salt (RJ),” he adds.

100% digital commissioning

Rio de Janeiro, January 31, 2018 - HMSWeb enables more sustainable commissioning of the Oficina de Santa Inês (MA), from Vale Forship Group will implement, for the first time, the 100% digital commissioning of a project from Vale, the Oficina de Santa Inês (MA). To achieve greater sustainability, the Handover Management System (HMSWeb) will be used to ensure the execution of the activities in accordance with planning, elaborated projects, established scope, deadlines, and desired quality. Constructed by Construcap, the project is a maintenance workshop for track machines on Patio 14 of the Carajás Railroad (EEFC) that connects the world’s largest open-pit iron ore mine, in Carajás (PA), to the port of Ponta da Madeira, in Maranhão. “The services performed are similar to those that we executed at the Açailândia Workshop, as well at Maranhão. Our proposal is to perform the activities without using the protocols in the physical environment. That is, we will use HMSWeb mobile version, 100% digital, reducing paper usage as much as possible”, explains Forship Group Project Manager, Marco Kronemberger. In November 2017, the company carried out the mechanical completion of the access road (by-pass), including embankment and drainage, as well as warehouse foundation, using the mobile version. Addendum signed in January, provides as well, the Commissioning management of the work of segments duplication and Special Works of Arts (OAE), bridges and overpasses, along EEFC of the Project S11D and the Ponta da Madeira Rail Terminal (TFPM). “The workshop commissioning will involve three inspectors. But the focus remains being EEFC commissioning. That is, the railway and road overpasses, railway segment duplication and fixed installations, involving around 60 employees, among coordinators, supervisors, inspectors and commissioning technicians”, adds Kronemberger.   A new way of commissioning In this Project, Forship Group takes on a new commissioning approach in the construction of fixed installations, where infrastructure aspects are contemplated in an incisive way. “At the Santa Inês Workshop, we will commission equipment for Large Machinery maintenance (MGP), such as: electromechanical jacks (for derailleurs), generators, sewage and chemical treatment stations, substations, overhead cranes and tanks for locomotives supplies, which also involve activities in mechanical, electrical, instrumental, Health, Security and Environment (SMS) disciplines. This is possible thanks to the knowledge acquired at Açailândia Workshop”, explains the project manager. HMSWeb mobile version is also used, as an experiment, in inspections throughout EEFC. “At Santa Inês Workshop and at the Marabá Supply Station, the solution will be employed in all activities. That is, in the programming activities, filling of protocols, registration, and the write-off of pending issues - all 100% digital, without printing”. “This contract is the definitive recognition of HMSWeb as a leading sustainable commissioning technology”, concludes HMSWeb Information Technology director, Luciano Gaete.

Hmsweb Advances in the Agribusiness Industry

Rio de Janeiro, June 12th, 2017 -  HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação will provide Cargill, one of the most important agribusiness companies in the world, a comprehensive package of services.   The contract signed in April covers licensing, deployment, training and support of ­HMSWeb, a technological tool for loading conveyor reversal projects at the Terminal in Santarém (PA), and implementation of a new grain dryer.   "The conquest of that client represents the advancement of HMSWeb in the agribusiness market. It is result of the good performance presented in previous projects in this industry", says the Company's Executive Officer, Luciano Gaete. This is the third contract in this area, once the HMSWeb provided services in BP Biofuels' BP Tropical Plant expansion project, in Goiás, and ADM's terminal expansion project at Santos Port (SP).   According to Gaete, Cargill, that is performing a test drive with HMSWeb to validate the effectiveness of the software in a smaller project aiming at corporate use in all their projects in the five terminals it operates in Brazil; in addition to Santos, the following units: Barcarena, Miricituba and Santarém, in the state of Pará, and Paranaguá, in the state of Paraná. "HMSWeb may also be used in the production units", says Luciano Gaete.   In the Officer's opinion, the greater challenge will be to set­up the HMSWeb in the right amount, based on information received from Cargill, so as not to overwhelm the project with un­necessary features for their business and, at the same time, maximizing the ability of team management and thus, prove the value for both larger and complex projects of the client.

HMSWeb presents Top 3 commissioning management technology at OTC 2017

HMSWeb is considered one of the world’s three best commissioning engineering management softwares Main product of the Forship Group subsidiary, this technological tool is used in shipbuilding, offshore and energy projects Houston, May 3, 2017 – Specialized in the development of IT solutions for engineering project management and control, HMSWeb Information Technology is presenting its commissioning engineering software at the Offshore Technology Conference – OTC 2017, which will be held from May 1-4 in Houston, Texas (USA). Known as HMSWeb, it has recently been recognized by international customers as one of the three best and most complete solutions for management of the quality, completion and commissioning of industrial units around the world. The position of HMSWeb© - Handover Management System – as a TOP3 in the market crowns the success of the firm founded in May 2007, as a spin-off from Forship Engenharia, a pioneer in commissioning engineering in Brazil. “ HMSWeb was born out of Forship’s need for a more complete tool for managing commissioning process activities in the projects we take part in in the offshore area”, points out Fabio Fares, CEO and Chairman of the Forship Group. The software that led to the creation of the HMSWeb subsidiary was developed for use as a proprietary tool of Forship Engenharia, which has consolidated its expertise in around 300 projects developed in Brazil and abroad. These include more than 40 offshore platforms (22 of which belong to Petrobras) operating in the Campos, Santos and Espírito Santo basins, off the coast of Brazil. Forship’s portfolio includes large Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO) type platforms, with the capacity to produce 180 thousand barrels of oil a day and process 6 million m3 of gas, such as P-50 (Albacora Leste), P-53 (Marlim Leste), P-54 and P-62 (Roncador), P-58 (Parque das Baleias) - all in the Campos basin. In addition, the portfolio of projects in which Forship has taken part includes the P-55 (Roncador), the biggest semi-submersible platform built in Brazil, and the FPSO BW Pioneer, in the Cascade and Chinook basins, which was the first unit of this type to produce oil in the Gulf of Mexico and in US waters. Intelligent management “HMSWeb is a light, simple and provenly effective tool, which is suitable for large-scale complex projects as well as small operational improvement projects in existing units”, observes Luciano Gaete, Executive Director of HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação. “HMSWeb facilitates the management, control, certification and verification of all activities related to the quality control, mechanical completion, commissioning, assisted operation and ramp-up executed during project development”, complements the executive, who will present the software at the Brazilian Pavilion on May 1 at 3:30 PM. “The solution’s mobile version - HMSMobile – available since 2015, makes it possible to control and register all activities directly in the field, including the registering and clearing of backlogs, with the option of including photos and mark-ups, among other functionalities that enable field teams to achieve enormous quality and productivity gains”, as Gaete points out.