• Mobile and online commissioning

    Complete commissioning management

    Light, simple and proven effective, it applies to a very broad range of undertakings, from the very large and complex projects to very small ones, including operational improvements in existing units.

  • Preservation

    Complete preservation management

    Full control of preservation tasks during all phases of the unit construction, ensuring that the equipment is in perfect working condition for the startup.

  • Punch List

    Complete management of pending issues

    Consistency and integration in the control of all punch list items, recorded and monitored in real time, directly in the field, from opening to closing.

  • Commissioning Analytics

    Data transformed into insigths

    Commissioning database analysis based on over 300 projects already executed in the most varied industries and types of undertakings, allows teams to gain insight into critical points, improvements and new ways to solve old problems.



Veracruz - Mexico




Itatiaiaçu - Minas Gerais - Brazil


Carajás - Pará - Brazil

HMSWEB wins two more projects from VALE

Rio de Janeiro, January 4th, 2023 - The project portfolio of Vale, which has a corporate contract for the use of HMSWeb© as a commissioning management tool, continues to grow. Two new projects for licensing and services related to setting, training and support of HMSWeb were closed. In Brazil, we will actuate in the Retrofit project for the iron ore beneficiation plant Usina01, in the Project Grande Carajás, in Pará. The implementation of HMSWeb rollout will comply with the commissioning needs of this capital project, which aims at changing the production process for 100% of natural humidity and increase in the capacity installed for the level of 85 MTPA”, explains the HMSWeb CEO, Luciano Gaete. The other contract, with the same scope, is related to the expansion project of Vale’s nickel mine in Thompson, district of Manitoba, our third project in Canada.

HMSWeb works on O&G project O&G project in the Argentine Patagonia

Rio de Janeiro, December 21th, 2022 - Our 4.0 solution was adopted by Techint in yet another venture in the Vaca Muerta oil region The success of HMSWeb's partnership with Techint has been confirmed by yet another project: the expansion of the CPF (Central Processing Facility), Pluspetrol's hydrocarbon Central Processing Unit in La Calera, its main upstream asset in the oil region of Vaca Muerta, in the province of Neuquén. This is the 9th enterprise conducted by Techint that uses the HMSWeb© (Handover Management System) tool, within the corporate contract signed by the Argentinean EPC company, which has a global presence. "We have also worked with Techint on other projects in the area, including the Néstor Kirchner Gas Pipeline, which will connect Vaca Muerta to Salliqueló (Buenos Aires province) by 2023, increasing the natural gas transportation system's capacity by 25%, ensuring the flow of the region's growing production," says the director of HMSWeb Information Technology, Luciano Gaete. "The contract follows the standard scope, licensing (16 months), configuration, training, and support of HMSWeb©, with the corporate management of the projects being the responsibility of Techint's subsidiary in Mexico, which manages the corporate contract and the projects in which we operate," explains the executive. 100% digital solution = 100% remote operation One of the biggest challenges is the area's isolation, in the west of the country, in the northern part of Argentine Patagonia, more than 1200 km from Buenos Aires and more than 100 km from Neuquén, which is the capital of the province with the same name. This requires more complex logistics as well as accommodation of the labor force. But this does not represent a challenge for HMSWeb. "This, as well as the 50 active projects in which HMSWeb participates at this time, will be deployed and supported 100% remotely. Even before the pandemic, we had already adopted this work arrangement for most of our projects," explains Gaete, saying that the task is well cared for. "The person responsible for all projects with Techint, including La Calera, is the implementation and support consultant Mariana Mendonça, who has been with the Forship Group for over 20 years!", concludes the executive.

A new HMSWeb record

Rio de Janeiro, October 19th, 2022 - Company reaches the milestone of 50 simultaneously active projects. The number of projects in which HMSWeb Information Technology had teams in action in 2022 are an unequivocal proof of the excellence of the 4.0 solution created by the Brazilian group: there are 50 projects ongoing simultaneously, a milestone that was reached in October. "We have concluded 13 projects and won another 18 this year, in addition to those that are in progress in different segments - mining, oil and gas, energy, agribusiness, among others," says Luciano Gaete, HMSWeb's director. Most of the 50 projects are in mining (36), oil and gas (10 projects) and sectors in which the Brazilian company has been outstanding: energy (3) and agribusiness (1). "We have a stake in large Vale enterprises (10 contracts were signed this year), besides flagship projects in the oil and gas segment, such as Mero 3 (contracts with MISC Berhad and Siemens) and the LNG Regasification Terminal of São Paulo (TRSP), of Compass (contracted by Concremat), and also in international ventures, with Techint and VALE", adds the executive. He highlights that the number of corporate clients, with multiple projects, also increased this year. "The growth in the number of simultaneous projects represents the consolidation of HMSWeb in the market and the recognition of our solution as the best available for quality process management, mechanical completion, and commissioning," concludes the executive.

HMSWeb & VALE: Renewed Partnership

Rio de Janeiro, August 24th, 2022 - Corporate contract for the use of HMSWeb© technology as a management tool for the commissioning engineering of VALE projects worldwide is renewed until 2025. The excellence of HMSWeb© – Handover Management System as a quality management tool, mechanical completion and commissioning engineering is reiterated by VALE by renewing for more than three years the corporate licensing agreement for HMSWeb software, including deployment, configuration, training services, assisted operation and remote support, for all the mining capital projects in the world. “The renewal has been ongoing since we signed the first contract with VALE, in September 2011. This demonstrates the solidity of this partnership, which has been in place for about 15 years, as we have already participated in VALE projects since 2007 (Conceição de Itabirito mine)”, celebrates Luciano Gaete, director of HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação. Concurrent projects Another fact that significantly demonstrates the excellence and effectiveness of the solution, and the overcoming of expectations in dozens of projects carried out since then, is the fact that the Forship Group has around 30 ongoing projects at Vale. Among the most recent, within the corporate standard contract for licensing, implementation, training and support for HMSWeb, are three projects in the Tubarão (ES) complex, in the areas of pelletizing, port and rail-environment. “The implementation of the HMSWeb© rollouts will meet the commissioning needs of these projects, ensuring the transfer of an operating system and/or subsystem in an orderly and secure manner, guaranteeing its operability in terms of safety requirements, performance, reliability and traceability of the information”, explains Marcelo Dias, HMSWeb Implementation and Support consultant, noting that a total of 23 users are being trained, of which four are project administrators and 19 are operators. “The objective is to improve efficiency in the management of technical documentation for commissioning, with the implementation of our tool for the management, control of pending issues, certification and verification of all activities related to this process, and the control of equipment preservation, maintaining the traceability, quality and reliability of information, in a centralized and shared way”, he concludes. Another three contracts recently closed refer to projects underway in the North region – the new bridge on the Tocantins River and the expansion of Porto Norte, within the “240 MTPA Program”, a name in reference to VALE’s goal of increasing by 10 MTPA the capacity at Estrada de Ferro Carajás (EFC) – and in Minas Gerais, at the Bru

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