»The Company

The Company

»Mission, vision and values


To develop state of the art and very high quality specialized solutions for the management of engineering projects to build industrial assets, encompassing construction, assembly, mechanical completion, commissioning, star-up and handover to operations, contributing decisively for our customers success.


To consolidate as a world class company, recognized as providing the best commercial solution for the management of quality, mechanical completion and commissioning of infrastructure, civil engineering and industrial technical facilities.


  • Honesty: Sincerity and transparency in all actions, clear and objective communication, intolerance to any obscure, disloyal or dishonest practice;
  • Energy: Passion for what we do and offer to our customers, always with total commitment and enthusiasm;
  • Challenge: Opportunity for overcoming and continuous growth. Intolerance with recurrent problems, agility and persistence to solve them, always seeking new ways to solve old problems, faster, with lower costs and more effectively;
  • Respect: People in 1st place, always. Assertiveness in positions, but with empathy and respect for differences;
  • Team: Teamwork, 1 + 1 = 3, 4, 5 ... Trust and mutual support. Focus on solutions and results, not the search for the "guilty."
  • Excellence & Innovation: Good is not enough, it has to be excelente, amazing! Learn from mistakes and go beyond.