»The HMSMobile

The HMSMobile

HMSMobile is the mobile version of HMSWeb. Available in the iOS and Android platforms, the app allows for the control and registration of all field activities involved in the project, including quality control, mechanical completion, commissioning, assisted operation and ramp-up. It also allows the registration and closure of pending issues, with the option of including photos and markups, among other features that provide a great gain of quality and productivity to the field teams.

  • Filling protocols

    More agility in completing protocols.

  • Punch lists

    Intuitive creation and execution of punch.

  • Off-line mode

    The app operates in online and offline mode.


The feature is designed to access HMSWeb via the mobile device. The mobile devices will be used for execution, verification and approval of the protocols besides the creation and execution of the pending issues.

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If you have any questions or more information, please contact HMSWeb support.