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This module is divided in two sections and consists of an essential base for the system information:

  1. General administration, it is used by the system administrators for general HMSWeb customization, such as commissioning phases and respective activities, schedules, technical disciplines, categories of items, as well as to record and read the access rights of the individual users.
  2. Project administration , used by the project administrators, allows an easy customization of all the reference information related to an specific project, such as owner and vendor information, work groups, physical and systemic hierarchies, project activities, technical procedures, reference documents, etc.

Projects & Portfolios

This module allows the user to select a given project to work on among those to which he/she has been granted access.

Recording and Certification

This module is used to search and update all the activities included in the scope of the project, such as: quality, assemby, mechanical completion, commissioing, assisted operation and rampup. For each activity the user can search the checklist / ITR / jobcard related to a the specific object, record the work performed and its approval, and generate formal certificates.


Preservation is one of the most important commissioning activities. Its main purpose is to ensure good working conditions of equipment and devices, until they are ready for operation.

All equipment delivered to the job site requires proper preservation (maintenance before operation) until they go in operation. In many instance, equipment is stored for months before going into use. Thus, an accurate management and control of all required tasks to ensure correct preservation of each and all types of equipment, as well as recording and tracking all activities performed with that intent, is imperative. Using HMSWeb it is possible to manage preservation activities, issue forecast reports, schedule field tasks, as well as record and refer to the whole asset preservation history.

Punch List

HMSWeb provides up to date records of each pending item/issue resulting from any and all field activity, including information on missing or required material necessary to resolve the pending issues. Every punch list item is associated to a module, system, subsystem, skid or individual item. The system provides powerful and flexible filters to generate reports and search for pending items by status, discipline/family, activity, physical or systemic hierarchies, responsibility identification, cleaning, dates and others.

Planning & Control

HMSWeb allows accurate tracking of the progress of all activities, from planning to time sheet control, through a wide range of management reports and searches.

This is an HMSWeb module that allows integration of the commissioning PCP (overall commissioning plan) with the daily schedule of field activities. Thus, all management reports present information on the planned, performed and complete and approved activities.

Time Sheet

Using this module, technical supervisors record the hours spent on several commissioning phases and activities by the members of their respective groups. It allows tracking the daily activities of each work group as well as monitoring the productivity indicators.

Reference Documents

Allows the upload of any type of reference document necessary to carry out the project activities. Access according to the context in which the user is, facilitating quick access to documents effectively related to the task being executed and at the time of execution.