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The HMSWeb

»What is?

The engineering projects very often face chaos, in particular when they reach the mechanical completion, commissioning and handover to operations. These phases are marked by rework and delays, resulting in significant time and money waste, regardless the size of the project, from small facilities with a couple of hundred objects and activities to the most complex ones with thousands.

HMSWeb (Handover Management System) is a multi-standard platform (Azure Cloud, Android and iOS), based on Forship's technical knowledge gathered in millions of man-hours of engineering projects, that organizes and allow for the complete management of the commissioning process of industrial facilities.

Light, simple and proven effective, it applies to a very broad range of undertakings, from the very large and complex projects to very small ones, including operational improvements in existing units. HMSWeb facilitates the management, control, certification and verification of all activities related to quality control, mechanical completion, commissioning, assisted operation and ramp-up performed during the implementation of a project.

Facts and main features:

  • Planning, control and traceability of all activities involved in the processes of quality, mechanical completion and commissioning;
  • Field operational procedures, test sheets, certificates;;
  • +300 large-scale and complex capital projects executed in Brazil, Argentina, Singapore, Mozambique, Angola and Canada, among other countries;
  • iOS and Android Apps;
  • Physical progress and S-Curves with visions from all angles of information;
  • Integration with other specialized software (AVEVA, SAP PM, etc);
  • Light, simple, straightforward and friendly user interface;
  • Total security of all operations performed, per user;
  • Multi-languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish);

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"Direct value losses due to under-management of risks for today's pipeline of large-scale projects may exceed $1.5 trillion in the next five years, not to mention the loss in GDP growth, ..." - McKinsey Company; By Frank Beckers and Uwe Stegemann