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HMSWeb© becomes a Microsoft partner

Rio de Janeiro, August 14, 2018 - A commissioning management platform is available for consultants, clients and Microsoft partners on a global scale.

The company HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação is now part of the Independent Software Vendors (ISV) global network, which includes independent developers, clients and Microsoft Corporation partners.

The HMSWeb© was also made available among the computing services in Microsoft’s cloud, AppSource and Marketplace ( https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/web-apps/hmsweb.hmsweb_handover_management_system?tab=Overview ). Any user that may be interested in the solution can check it, wherever they are. “The Azure user has now a homologated and partner solution that entirely meets the demand for a platform specialized in the management of quality processes, mechanical completion and commissioning. By using keywords such as completions or commissioning, Microsoft clients will have access to our solution, being thus able to share opportunities,” highlights the CEO of HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação, Luciano Gaete. “We are already acting in two opportunities, with a local unit of a multinational company in the food sector and with a global sea shipping operator,” he reveals.

Good business ahead

With the partnership, HMSWeb gains access to Microsoft contact and client list. At the same time, this company offers a wider range of solutions available in the Azure cloud, especially in the industrial segment, one of the focal points of the global strategy defined in 2017 by the American company.

The CEO and president of the Forship Group, Fabio Fares, believes the inclusion of the HMSWeb© in Microsoft platforms will allow the IT subsidiary to reach a significant growth rate. “This partnership adds value in an objective way by means of the opening of contact networks and sharing of opportunities on a global scale, and it also does so in a subjective way when it comes to reputation, image and maximization of reliability in the solution,” he asserts. “The strength of the Microsoft brand, which carries out a thorough assessment of its partners, upgrades the quality of our services that is perceived by current and, mainly, future clients,” concluded Fares.