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HMSWeb Platform advances among engineering companies

Rio de Janeiro, december 03, 2018 - Montcalm: another engineering company adopts HMSWeb© as a management platform for the commissioning of its projects

User of HMSWeb© in VALE projects, the engineering company Montcalm Montagens Industriais adopted our solution as their management platform for commissioning and for projects not related to this client. The partnership shows the platform’s flexibility, which is already heading to the 2nd project in the fertilizers industry with Montcalm.

Our first joint experience, within the scope of the corporate licensing agreement, took place in a project of Mosaic/Forspar in Catalão, GO, for the commissioning of the fourth mill of the unit. “Having already recognized the effectiveness of the platform in projects from VALE, Montcalm decided to start a corporate contract”, explains Luciano Gaete, CEO of HMSWeb Information Technology.

Last September, we began our second project, now in Patrocínio, MG, in another Mosaic fertilizer unit.

In both projects, in addition to the licensing itself, the contract includes the service of configuration and training of teams, carried out by our associate Marcelo Dias.