We continue in Maranhão

Rio de Janeiro, December 12, 2016 - New contract with Vale will include Carajás Railroad and Ponta da Madeira Rail Terminal. Forship Group to continue activities in Vale's projects Carajás Railroad (EFC) and the Ponta da Madeira Rail Terminal (TFPM), in Maranhão. Under this new contract, the company will be in charge, until 2018, of managing the commissioning of assets and fixed facilities thereof, which has been designed for a logistics capacity of 230 million tons/year (MTPA) of minerals. "We've been assigned the planning, monitoring and control of the Commissioning Process, as well as the Performance Testing and clearing of any pending issues regarding operational assets under the CLN S11D Project (North Logistics Training Program S11D), within the schedule," explains Forship Group Deployment manager Marco Kronemberger. The project, which includes EFC duplication and remodeling, will rely on the HMSWeb computerized management system so as to ensure adherence to the commissioning methodology, in compliance with the planning and control, issuance and consultation to project's management reports, inspections scope definition, and guarantee of deadlines and quality. Experience upholds business The Deployment manager points out that the contract will ensure the continuity of São Luís (MA) branch for another two years. "In other words, we have activity guaranteed in the region for seven year," he explains. "By using the HMSWeb we are steadily consolidating the Commissioning Methodology in railroads construction with excellent results for our client, as regards the improvement of quality in the deliveries, deadlines acceleration and traceability of information. This strengthens Forship's position in this sector." According to Marco Kronemberger, Forship Group's performance in Vale's projects, combined with the expertise and the dedication of the team engaged in the previous project, made up the differential that enabled winning this contract, which will require a greater commitment from the team mobilized, as we expect to exceed the needs and expectations of our client. "The challenges remain the same as those in the previous contract – distances involved (around 900 km), the dispersion of the team, difficulty to access telephony and the Internet, displacements, acceptance of the commissioning methodology by new client's suppliers, and finally the delivery of the assets with the lowest number of pending issues," adds Kronemberger. To overcome such obstacles, the company, together with the client, decided on an increase in the workforce assigned to this contract. "Twenty-three had been assigned previously. We will now have 42 professionals assigned to the areas of infrastructure, superstructure, signage, environment, safety, electrical, mechanical and civil, plus two professionals specialized in Special Works of Art (OAE), due to the large number of bridges and viaducts to be commissioned. "

OceanPact to enter three contracts with Forship

Rio de Janeiro, April 7, 2016 - Consultancy, project monitoring and HMSWeb aim to ensure delivery of OSRV-type offshore support vessel within schedule. Shipowners OceanPact Serviços Marítimos S.A. hired Forship Group's consultancy services for performing a status and feasibility assessment regarding the delivery of support ship Fernando de Noronha, currently being built at Wilson Sons Shipyard in Guaruja (SP), within schedule. The OSRV-type vessel (Oil Spill Recovery Vessel) is designed for offshore support in oil scumming activities in case of spill. One of OceanPact activities, a Brazilian company specialized in the management and response to environmental emergencies and the development and implementation of solutions for the marine and coastal environment, particularly for naval, ports, fishery and oil & gas industries. "This contract, executed in December 2015, adds a further expert advice service provided by Forship to naval building and offshore market, both shipyards and shipowners," says project manager Antonio Prates. The Forship-provided assessment was developed by technicians José Roberto Gonçalves da Rocha and Mauricio Guimarães after a visit to Wilson Sons and after reviewing the documentation received from the shipyard. Including detailed information about both the planning and the progress of the work, resources allocated by the shipyard and potential bottlenecks, the final report provided recommendations to ensure the success of the enterprise and made projections regarding the delivery of the vessel in three different scenarios - Optimistic, Conservative and Pessimistic. New demands In light of these results, OceanPact entered in January this year another contract with Forship, this time for field monitoring of final works at the shipyard. Forship Commissioning Coordinator, Márcio Sá Leitão, will act at the shipyard floor together with OceanPact Supervisory Group, up to the launch, seaworthiness test and final delivery of the vessel. He will rely on remote engineering support provided by Forship central office in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). With the purpose of optimizing the management of pending construction and commissioning issues, the company also hired the HMSWeb so as to employ in the project the technological tool created by Forship, which has become a market reference.

HMSWeb© approved by Italian ENI

Rio de Janeiro, December 3, 2015 - A technological solution for commissioning management developed by a Forship group's company has been included in the qualified vendor list of the oil company. HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação,a subsidiary of Brazilian group Forship, had its commissioning engineering management tool, HMSWeb ©, approved by Italy-based oil company Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (ENI), with operations in nearly 70 countries. "We are now included in ENI's qualified vendor list, as our HMSWeb© was qualified as an information technology capable to meet ENI's and ENI trading partners' operation requirements around the world," says HMSWeb CEO Luciano Gaete. The process to qualify the HMSWeb© was started earlier this year when ENI requested data on the solution, whose mobile version had been presented at the biggest offshore technology fair in the world, namely the OTC, delivered in Houston (USA). "This approval is the result of teamwork and the commitment of all people involved because the process for evaluation and inclusion of our software in ENI's list was very strict", points Gaete, explaining that several presentations and conferences to demonstrate the features of the HMSWeb were delivered over the last six months. This approval further strengthens Forship's internationalization strategy, which includes a strong presence in emerging markets like Africa, where the company has been partnering in engineering, infrastructure and oil and gas projects. ENI is developing several projects in that continent in the oil sector, especially on the coast of Mozambique. "In addition to various technical and functional features that have proved to be effective in the management of commissioning process, our solution is the only cutting-edge technology that relies on the Portuguese language as a plus. Because the HMSWeb has also been approved by US-based Chevron and ExxonMobil, opportunities in the O&G market are manifold, "said Gaete. About the HMSWeb© The HMSWeb© software is the solution developed by HMSWeb Tecnologia da Informação, a Forship Group's company, designed for complete management of the mechanical completion process, commissioning and quality. The technology is 100% web-based and mobile thereby facilitating the management, control, certification and verification of all activities related to the commissioning process and carried out during the development of an industrial project. About Forship Group Forship Group provides engineering solutions and services for industrial plants in the oil and gas sector, energy, petrochemical, shipbuilding, mining, infrastructure and industry in general. A reference in commissioning, the company also stands out in the development and deployment of cutting edge technology as well as in providing Operation & Maintenance, Construction & Assembly, and Technical Consulting services. Headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Forship's success has crossed borders through operations in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, in addition to the recognition of more than 100 national and international clients that benefit from the services provided by the Group.